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Motorized Hurricane Shutters

Arcapro Retractables Proudly Installs Heroal Motorized Retractable Hurricane Shutters.

As we all know, Life near the coast – despite the breathtaking views, the fresh seafood and the fun water activities – comes at a cost, hurricanes. Having an all-encompassing solution that, once installed, requires little or no effort from your end, provides you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your home and all its contents are safe, secure and protected from the storm. The unique Heroal hurricane shutters offer an intuitive system that requires minimum effort and ensures maximum protection. Combining premium engineering and quality design, all of our window shutters have been tested and approved under the most demanding hurricane rating codes: Florida Building Code & Texas Department of Insurance.

What Sets Heroal Hurricane Shutters Apart?

Designed for Impact Resistance

For homes that are at the mercy of unruly weather forces, a storm shutter system that withstands even the most violent of hurricanes is the only option. Sand blasting, water penetration, driven and airborne debris – the Heroal roll-down hurricane shutters have it all covered. Withstanding winds of up to 150 mph, the shutters can be controlled from near or far either with wind sensors or with your smartphone.

Maximum Color Diversity and Aesthetics

Whether you’re dealing with a renovation or a new construction, thanks to a comprehensive RAL color palette, and different surface options, Heroal aluminum and stainless steel storm shutters fit into every curtain wall aesthetic and match all exteriors. The custom designed shutters are available with small winding diameters and in individual sizes, making them suitable for openings of all sizes up to 102.3 ft².

One Hurricane Shutter System Does All

For maximum peace of mind, one multifunctional system that takes care of everything is the ideal hurricane protection solution. Although impact resistance is the most important element, there are more added benefits to rolling shutters than there may seem. Noise protection, privacy, energy efficiency, design and quality made in Germany – these are just a few extra qualities that can be expected from the Heroal window shutters.


Please call Arcapro Retractables today at (407) 657-1134 for a free quote, or to schedule an appointment with a member of our team and learn more about Heroal products and services. 



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