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Arcapro Retractables proudly installs Sunpro motorized retractable awnings offering Sunbrella fabrics.

30 In-Stock Sunbrella® Fabrics Available

SunPro has teamed up with Sunbrella, the most-recognized name in the awnings industry. Thanks to its celebrated fabrics, all SunPro awnings are offered in 30 in-stock, high-quality Sunbrella fabrics across five color groups. SunPro is proud to have raised the bar in offering dealers and their customers the industry’s supreme fabric choice in more than three times as many color choices than ever before!


More Than 300 Custom Fabric Options

Beyond the 30 in-stock Sunbrella fabrics available, SunPro offers more than 300 custom fabric options to meet practically anyone’s taste. Sunbrella’s fabrics have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval as an effective ultraviolet light protection. Sunbrella’s fabrics have also earned GREENGUARD’s gold certification for low chemical emissions.


Sunpro Makes Premium Features Standard Features

SunPro has earned a sterling reputation for our strong commitment to providing premium features as standard features across our awnings line. A value-added benefit of stocking SunPro awnings compared with competitors’ products, is that our dealers have more bells and whistles to show customers. SunPro awnings are available in custom frame sizes. Customers will benefit from SunPro’s ability to produce tailor-made widths from 10 feet to 40 feet. Additionally, our awnings are available in three standard projection sizes: 8, 10 and 12 feet.



Built-In Dimmable LED Lights

A key premium SunPro awning standard feature is all our awnings have built-in dimmable LED lights. These lights are cleverly built into the arms of all our awnings, giving users the ability to control the level of light by remote control.

For customers wanting to keep their gatherings going well beyond dusk and deep into the night, these built-in dimmable LED lights are a prized premium feature. Some SunPro competitors offer optional light packages that are fastened in place by unsightly velcro and wire ties. This tacked-on charge costs $400 to $500, with separate installation costs driving up the overall expense.


EZ-Pitch Adjustment

SunPro’s EZ-Pitch Adjustment is another highly-valued premium awning feature that comes standard with all our awnings. Our EZ-Pitch Adjustment makes pitch changes a cinch. Customers may easily adjust the slope, or pitch, of their awning by themselves by using an included crank, turning the pitch pin on either side, thanks to our EZ-Pitch Adjustment.

SunPro’s EZ-Pitch Adjustment is so special that similar features produced by competing manufacturers is an absolute rarity in the awnings industry. Almost all competitors’ awnings require customers to use a ladder and Allen wrench to line up the pitch to suggested stationary settings. Even more, customers usually don’t adjust the pitch by themselves and instead call on technicians to handle this complicated process for them.


Motorized with Wireless Remote Control

All SunPro’s awnings are also motorized and operated by a wireless remote control. Dealers appreciate this premium feature made standard with all SunPro awnings because of the ease and simplicity it brings to customers.

Customers of all ages are grateful for the touch-of-a-button experience that comes with using all SunPro awnings. Some competitors’ awnings still operate by using only a crank, and this can be prohibitive for some customers, especially those with physical limitations. Customers desiring a crank feature in SunPro awnings will be glad to know that SunPro also includes a manual override feature to the motorized function.


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