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Retractable Screens, Shades, and Vinyl Curtains

Arcapro Retractables Proudly Installs FENETEX Quality Products.

Motorized Commercial retractable screens, shades, and vinyl curtains open at the click of a button.  They are ideal for outdoor dining areas or outdoor kitchens, keeping out bugs, light wind, rain, heating and allowing diners to have their meal in comfort.  Commercial style systems incorporate a “keder" end retention system keeping the fabric tight inside the tracks, eliminating the blow outs and stays intact standing up to the elements. 


Commercial systems are not just for restaurants or hotels!  Install them on your patio or outdoor kitchen for protection against light wind, rain, or heat and keep the view with the clear vinyl window.  Windows are optional, and can be custom placed within the motorized system to achieve your preferred look or style.  


Commercial Motorized Screen Benefits:

  • Increase revenue

  • Keep heating/cooling costs to a minimum

  • Utilize outdoor seating during unfavorable weather conditions

  • Block the elements, not the view! The tall vinyl panel allows your guests to be seated outdoors, with the screens down, and still be able to see outside

  • Choose from our many screen choices, from standard super screen for bug protection, or upgraded to Textiline 90 or 95%, for maximum heat/solar protection

  • Get complete weather and water protection with waterproof Solis W96 translucent vinyl by Ferrari

  • Hood size varies between 5-1/2 and 10″, based on width and height of the unit

  • The sides of the material stay in the tracks with “Keder", preventing blow outs

  • All screens are motorized at the push of a button, not hard wired, and plug into existing outlets.


    Beauty & Protection For:

  • Restaurant Patios

  • Hotels

  • Country Clubs

  • Marinas

  • Office Buildings

  • Workshop

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Vinyl pic 2.jpg
Fenetex hurricane screen outside
vinyl pic 3.jpg
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