10 Critical Facts about Retractable Screens in Orlando, Florida


Florida is one of the places in the United States where people prefer to live to soak in the gorgeous sunlight. However, sometimes the heat from the scorching sun gets too much, making houses hot as a furnace and outdoor activities difficult.

Retractable screens in Orlando are a convenient way to keep your house temperature under control and make your living space feel more like an outdoor space.

You can breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural light without worrying about bugs or dirt getting inside your home.

However, before getting a retractable screen installed in your Orlando, Florida home, you must consider 10 important facts:

1. Retractable Screen Provides Protection Against Mosquitoes And Other Disease-Carrying Insects

Insects are one of the biggest problems that stop us from enjoying the outdoors. Without something to guard you against insects, it’s only a matter of seconds before you are forced to move back inside the house.

Especially in Florida, people avoid outdoor activities to protect themselves from pesky mosquitoes. Retractable screens are an innovative way of making sure your outdoor spaces are comfortable for all seasons of the year.

2. They Prevent Unwanted Heat Gain And Provide Temperature Control

People in Orlando, Florida, can all agree that it gets extremely hot in the summer. Many of them stop their outdoor visits because of the fact that the sun gets too strong.

Retractable screens are a straightforward way to reduce the sunlight from entering your house and also allow you to enjoy natural ventilation without being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Reducing the amount of sunlight will make your space a cool place to be in every sense of the world. In Orlando, retractable screens help to filter sunlight while not cutting it off completely.

3. They Improve the Insulating Capabilities of Your Windows & Reduce Electricity Costs

A retractable screen not only allows you to stay cooler in the summer but also keeps the house warmer in the winter. The energy efficiency statistics that measure how well your windows can stop heat loss is called U-Factor. Retractable screens installed on windows and doors improve U-Factor and improve the insulation of the house. They keep the heat from the furnace intact in the house, making sure it does not escape through the windows and doors. This heat retention aids in making the home energy-efficient.

4. They Increase The Aesthetics Of The House, Giving It A Modern Look

Retractable screens are an easy way to add value and curb appeal if you’re looking to make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Retractable screens are customizable to your home, and the premium quality and technology can allow for large offers to increase or even be a unique factor when selling the home.

5. They Provide Privacy and Security

One of the less popular benefits of installing retractable screening is that they help provide privacy and security around your home. Moreover, retractable screens in Orlando make it easy to screen any entry door, both in-swing and out-swing.  

6. Retractable Screens Provide An Unobstructed View Of The Neighborhood

In the early spring, fall, and winter, fixed screens are of no use as they merely block your view. In fact, a study shows that fixed screens can block 30% of your view. This makes it that much harder to witness the scenes around your neighborhood or keep an eye on the kids in the backyard.

Even in the warmer months, there are many days when having an unobstructed view outside would be desirable. One of the retractable screen’s most noteworthy benefits is that they protect without blocking your view.

7. They Provide Convenience And Amp Up The Modern Lifestyle

Motorized retractable screens installed on doors and windows can be opened and closed by remote control for more convenience and safety. This technical feature adds style and makes the home feel comfortable. You never know when this simple functionality could really come in handy and become a part of your life.

8. Retractable Screen Are Easy To Maintain

Traditional screens and blinds can add superfluous bulk and untidiness to your window units and can make them look outdated. Plus, these screens are always exposed to the interior and exterior elements, leaving them dirty and difficult to clean.

Visually, it’s difficult to beat screens that retract into the frame and are out of sight. Retractable screens have a simple, practical aesthetic when drawn. When they are retracted, you won’t notice them at all. The only thing you will notice is a clean, orderly window that provides unobstructed views.

9. They Are Easily Installed

Choosing a color and model to match your home’s theme is easy with retractable screens. They can be mounted on existing structures and can be installed into every type of architectural style. Professional installation companies such as ArcaPro Retractables take only a day or two to install the screens, so they won’t disturb your lifestyle or routine too much.

10. Increase Your Natural Light

In addition to obstructing outdoor views, fixed window screens can also limit natural light. In fact, they block considerable natural light that streams through your windows. Retractable screens are known to increase Visible Light Transmittance (VT) by 50%. This is a measurement that describes how much visible natural light passes through your window units to brighten your home. This not only makes your home more vibrant and visible but also decreases annual electricity bills.  


With extra living space, and mosquito-free cooling zones, a home with retractable screens seems to be a perfect fit in Orlando. In order to avoid repair or replacement costs in the future, it’s wise for you to select a superior retractable screen before installation gets started.

With these critical facts in mind, if you find that retractable screens are a great next step for your home, contact ArcaPro Retractables for a seamless installation process. Their retractable screens are more functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing!

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We love our retractable screens and are delighted with the ArcaPro quality.   The job was far from standard requiring custom arch work and they did a great job.    We were also very pleased with the overall sturdiness of the product as opposed to other vendors.   I would highly recommend them.

Anthony D.

We are so very happy that we went with ARCAPRO for our motorized screens and awning. The difference in the temperature on our lanai and even in the family room has cooled down tremendously compared to the sun beating in like it did before. We can now use our lanai and deck throughout the Summer instead of just 8 months out of the year. And the neighbors and family are thrilled with the new look and feel of this area. The strength and durability of these products shows in their looks, action and even the feel. We highly recommend ARCAPRO.

John A.

We are extremely happy with our ArcaPro screens.  The entire process went smoothly, and was exactly what we were hoping for. Joe was always available to answer questions before and after installation.  We could not be happier with how clear the screens are, while allowing air flow into our lanai.  I would definitely recommend them!

Nina R.