6 Benefits of Retractable Garage Door Screen in Orlando

Benefits of retractable garage door screen

Are you looking to expand the amount of living space in your home but not sure where to find the extra room to do so?

Many homeowners choose to complete their garages to increase the amount of usable space in their homes.

Garages are versatile & can be used for various purposes, including working out, playing games, pursuing hobbies, hosting parties, and even serving as "man caves." The requirements of the homeowners can be satisfied in a variety of ways by making use of the additional space that is available.

Even though having this additional room might be beneficial, the fact that it is so exposed when the garage door is open may make some people feel uneasy. Not only is there a lack of seclusion, but there is also no protection against debris, leaves, insects, or other natural elements that may try to enter.

Let's see a few advantages of installing a garage door screen in your home garage.

Are retractable garage door screens a good idea?

Retractable garage door screens are a great addition to any garage. They provide many benefits that include: keeping out insects, providing ventilation, and blocking out unwanted sun exposure.

Retractable garage door screens are also very easy to use. They can be pulled down when you need them and retracted when you don't. retractable garage door screens are an affordable way to improve the function and look of your garage.

1. Bring fresh air

To make it more comfortable and delightful, you should let in some natural light and some fresh air for ventilation if you utilize your garage, especially in the spring or summer. It is especially crucial if you use your garage all winter long. Insects and other pests are drawn to the light, or the warmth and shelter of your garage will be able to enter, though, if you open the door to your garage.

2. More light

The best solution is a screen for your garage door since it lets light and air in from the outside while keeping insects and other pests out and obstructing dust and other debris that the wind might blow in. It makes it easier to maintain your garage tidy.

3. Spend less money on energy

A screen for your garage door allows more natural light and air to enter when you are inside, which helps you use less energy. If you utilize the garage during the day, there won't be a need for any artificial lighting to be turned on because natural light is allowed to enter. You might be able to use less of your air conditioning if, for example, you opened the door to your garage on a warm evening and let a breeze through.

4. Expands the square footage of your home

The retractable garage door screen is a perfect solution to the dilemma of not having enough space in the house. This retractable garage door screen allows homeowners to enjoy an open-air living room and ample outdoor space without worrying about pests. It is a great way to get square footage without building an addition to your home.

5. Security advantages

A screen for the garage door may also be added as an additional layer of security for your garage. Your garage will be less of a clear target than if it were entirely uncovered simply by having a screen in front of an open garage door. Even if someone tries to break through a screen, that isn't very difficult. The screen behind your garage door adds a challenge when it is closed. There is a greater chance that you or a neighbor will see someone attempting to enter your home.

A garage door screen could improve the comfort and usability of your garage when you entertain visitors, work out there, or utilize it for a pastime. Regardless of what you are doing in the area, this is true.

6. Keep pests and insets out

Retractable garage door screens are a great way to keep insects out of your home. They can be placed on the outside of your garage door, and they retract when you open the door, making it easy to come and go without letting any bugs in. Insects are attracted to the light and heat coming from your home, so by blocking their access, you can help to keep them out. In addition, retractable garage door screens can also help to reduce noise pollution from outside. So if you're looking for an effective way to keep insects out of your home, retractable garage door screens are a great option.

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We love our retractable screens and are delighted with the ArcaPro quality.   The job was far from standard requiring custom arch work and they did a great job.    We were also very pleased with the overall sturdiness of the product as opposed to other vendors.   I would highly recommend them.

Anthony D.

We are so very happy that we went with ARCAPRO for our motorized screens and awning. The difference in the temperature on our lanai and even in the family room has cooled down tremendously compared to the sun beating in like it did before. We can now use our lanai and deck throughout the Summer instead of just 8 months out of the year. And the neighbors and family are thrilled with the new look and feel of this area. The strength and durability of these products shows in their looks, action and even the feel. We highly recommend ARCAPRO.

John A.

We are extremely happy with our ArcaPro screens.  The entire process went smoothly, and was exactly what we were hoping for. Joe was always available to answer questions before and after installation.  We could not be happier with how clear the screens are, while allowing air flow into our lanai.  I would definitely recommend them!

Nina R.