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6 Benefits - Phantom Screens in Orlando

Phantom Screens in Orlando

Benefits of Getting Phantom Screens in Orlando

When you own a house, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and maintenance costs. No matter how well your house is built, you need to invest in maintaining the house. Phantom screens are a great way to maintain the beauty of your house and to keep it insect-free. Let’s take a look at how phantom screens can be beneficial for your house in Orlando.

1. Phantom Screens Don’t Obstruct Your View

One of the biggest downsides of fixed screens is that you can never take them off when you want to enjoy a good view. However, phantom screens don’t obstruct your view. You can always retract them when you want to enjoy the outside view. The view can be distorted when you have fixed windows. With phantom screens, you can shut the window, retract the screen and enjoy the view through the glass.

2. Reduce the Electricity Bill

Installing phantom screens at your house can greatly reduce the electricity bill. They can be retracted when not in use. This allows them to offer excellent ventilation for your house. So you don’t need to keep the air conditioning on at all times. Instead, you can just let the phantom screens cool your house. You can observe the difference in your electricity bills before and after installing phantom screens.

3. Complements Your House

Another great thing about phantom screens is that they can perfectly complement your house. There is so much variety in the market when it comes to the color, shape, and size of phantom screens. So you are bound to find a phantom screen that resonates with the architectural design of your house. This is a great way to protect the house while maintaining the design of your house.

4. Saves You from UV Light

Exposure to UV light is dangerous for the body. It can cause sunburn and damage the skin. Phantom screens can block the UV light coming from the sun and other external sources. It can protect you from dangerous UV light and allow you to enjoy amazing family time on the deck or patio of your house.

5. Ideal for French Doors

It has always been difficult to install screens with French doors; however, phantom screens can be easily installed with French doors. This is why they are considered ideal for houses with French doors.

6. Phantom Screens Are Retractable

Phantom screens are retractable, which means that you can retract them when they are not in use. It helps to lessen the wear and tear on the phantom screen and makes it last longer.

If you are looking for phantom screens in Orlando, then check out our website. We offer high-quality and durable phantom screens.

Contact us if you have any queries, and we would be happy to assist you.

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