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Are retractable screens expensive in Orlando, Florida?

Are retractable screens expensive in Orlando, Florida?

We all want to update our homes with new additions, and retractable screens are one of them. Right? The retractable screens are a way to add new appealing features to the house, but it is expensive. We can not deny that retractable screens have plenty of benefits, but it costs a significant amount.

Now, if you are also looking to install retractable screens in your home, this guide is for you. Here we will share the benefits of retractable screens and describe the factors that make them expensive in Orlando, Florida.

So let's dive into it.

Retractable screens cost

The retractable screens are more expensive than traditional fixed screens. If we compare the pricing of retractable screens and fixed screens, then it is five times more expensive. The motorized system with the retractable screen is the primary factor that makes it expensive—the typical cost of a motorized system with only a retractable screen costs around $3000. Moreover, you need more than one or two motorized systems in a retractable screen if you install it for three walls.

So the average cost for retractable screens in Orlando, Florida, is around $3,000, depending on your projects. If we compare it with fixed screen price, it costs $2000 to $3000 in Orlando, Florida.

Retractable screen material

The material in the retractable screen is also an essential factor that impacts its pricing. There are different types of screen materials for retractable screens that you can choose from in Orlando, Florida.

Fiberglass screen

A fiberglass screen is a more flexible, durable, and robust screen. It is the best screen material for patio, deck, pool, and porch areas. However, the price of a fiberglass screen is slightly less than the other screen materials.

Aluminum screen

Aluminum is one of the inexpensive retractable screen materials that you can choose in Orlando, Florida. It has better resistance to temperature and moisture, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Metal screen

A retractable metal screen is more expensive than all other screen materials. The metal screens include different materials, including bronze, stainless steel, alloy, and copper.

Benefits of installing retractable screens in Orlando Florida

There is no doubt that a retractable screen in Orlando, Florida, is expensive. But there are also significant benefits of installing retractable screens in your house.

The potential benefits of retractable screens include the following:

Wide opening

The retractable screen opening is around twenty feet. It has fewer columns that make it wider than fixed screens.

Eliminate the door needs

It eliminates the door requirements in your home through the latest technology. You need to hit a button, and the wall goes up according to your requirements.

Connect two spaces

The retractable screens will help to connect two spaces in an ideal way. It will help to separate the two large areas according to your needs and put the screen up whenever you want the large area.

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