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What Are Different Types Of Patio Screens?

What Are Different Types Of Patio Screens?

What Are Different Types Of Patio Screens?

Everyone loves to enjoy sitting on their patio during breezy, sunny days and moderately chill winter nights. However, most of us wish to be able to use our patios throughout the year. Luckily, now this is possible with patio screens.

If you live in Orlando, then having a patio screen is a must. This is because the weather in this city is unpredictable. The summers can get too intense and so you cannot use your patio. Meanwhile, the environment of your patio can become too cold in winters.

With patio screens, you can control the environment of your patio completely. Besides that, you can keep things such as insects, noise, and dust out. If you are considering patio screens in Orlando, you're in the right place.

Here is a complete guide to are different types of patio screens.

What Are Different Types Of Patio Screens?

Here are the top types of patio screens in Orlando that you can get:

Fiberglass Patio Screen

Fiberglass mesh patio screens are one of the commonest types of screens that people buy. This is because the material is cheap and easiest to install. The patio screen also offers good visibility, and sun glares are minimal.

Besides that, the fiberglass patio screen doesn't crease or become dented over time. So you can have clear visibility throughout the year, which is why this type is prevalent.

Additionally, you can choose mesh of different densities to enhance your privacy. This is one of the primary purposes of this screen type.

Glass Patio Screen

The glass patio screens are made of clear glass and are mainly used for the winter season and when the sun's glare is not intense. This is because the glass material allows plenty of light to reach the patio.

However, keep in mind that this option may not be the best if your area suffers from rainstorms and other disasters. That is because the glass can shatter if pressure is high.

Retractable Patio Screen

This is the best type of patio screen that you can get in Orlando. The main feature of these screens is that they are motorized. So with a push of a button, you can get them down.

Meanwhile, on days you don't want a screen, you can let it be up. Hence you can use the screen throughout the year. People love this option because other patio screens are manual. So you will have to pull them down, or they will be installed permanently.

Why Hire Professionals For Patio Screen Installation?

Do you want to get a patio screen installed? If so, it is best to hire a professional service provider. This is because they have the suitable amount of experience to ensure that the screen gets installed without dents. Additionally, you can be at ease that your house structure won't be damaged.

If you are interested in getting a retractable patio screen in Orlando, look no further than Arca Pro Retractables. Arca Pro Retractables is a professional service provider with years of experience. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of options you can choose from. So please don't hesitate to contact us.

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