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What is The Best Retractable Awning?

What Is The Best Retractable Awning?

What Is The Best Retractable Awning?

Summer is here. It is time to invest in the best retractable awning for your home. They are there to provide shade so you can enjoy your patio or outdoor area without the harsh heat of the sun. However, it is very important to choose the right retractable awning for your home.

Here are the different types of awnings you can choose from:

1. Lateral Arm Retractable Awning

If you want to add functionality and form to your outdoor area, a Lateral Arm awning is a perfect choice. The fabric canopy is retractable, but the best part is that the structure is designed to withstand harsh weather. They can be custom-built and protect you from rains and fast winds.

The primary aim of the lateral arm is to allow you to make adjustments to the projection and pitch as you want. If you want an option for your home that protects you from sun and rain with efficiency, this is an ideal choice for your needs.

2. Slide On Track Awning

This type of retractable awning is one of the most versatile canopies out there. The retractable awning will offer protection from rain and sunlight. The awning glides open and closes on a sturdy and durable aluminum runner.

The canvas of the awning will fold into pleats when closed. Do you want complete protection from the sun, it is the best choice for you. That is because the awning opens far and wide so you can enjoy the summer weather without the heat and sun on your face.

3. Drop Arm Awning

The drop arm awning is weather-resistant, which means you will get complete protection from harsh weather elements. It is housed inside a roller tube and then held out from the house side on spring-loaded sidearms. It is easy to adjust the rolling out of the awning depending on what you need.

The drop arm awning usually comes in a shed-style design, and you can adjust the pitch depending on your preferences. It is an ideal choice for people that need a user-friendly retractable awning with weather resistance.

4. Fold-Up Retractable Awnings

The fold-up retractable awning allows you to roll or fold the awning when you don’t want protection from the sun. The canopy pulls out when extended, which is why rain easily rolls off and does not enter your outdoor area. When retracted, the canopy will be pleated.

However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that dust and dirt will collect in the folds if left for too long. That is why it is essential to clean this type of retractable awning from time to time. So, it requires more maintenance.

Contact Arca Pro Retractables

Now that you have learned about different types of retractable awnings, the best one for you depends on what you want.

At Arca Pro Retractables, we offer many awnings that will enhance your living experience in your home.

For more information, contact our professionals at Arca Pro Retractables.

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