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What is the average cost of a retractable awning in Orlando Florida?

What is the average cost of a retractable awning in Orlando Florida?

Do you want to install the retractable awning in your house? Everybody wants to update the home with additional features. So the retractable awning in Orlando, Florida, is the best choice that you can add to your house to increase its beauty and functionality. The retractable awning in the home will keep away the dangerous Ultraviolet radiation and protect your vehicles from overheating. It is a significant way to control the sunlight entrance in your house and deck, along with making it more stylish and eye catchy.

However, here we share the average cost of a retractable awning in Orlando, Florida. It will help you estimate the average cost of your retractable awning project according to your requirements.

So let's dive into it.

The average cost of a retractable awning in Orlando Florida

The cost of the retractable awning in Orlando varies depending on various factors. However, if you want to install the retractable awning, it ranges between $1000 to $5000. Most of the houses in Orlando, Florida, pay around $3000.

Moreover, the prices of the retractable awning in Orlando vary depending on their model, size, and materials. You can choose the awning quality and type according to your choice. It is available in low to high-quality pricing that ranges from $5000 to $25000, respectively. However, keep in mind that the warranty of the retractable awning also affects the purchasing price, but its installation cost will be the same.

Factors that affect retractable awning cost

A retractable awning is expensive, but certain factors impact its pricing. Now the factors that affect the pricing of retractable awnings include:

Type of retractable awning

The cost of retractable changes when you change the fabric or material for your awning. So the type of retractable awning material is one of the primary factors that change the pricing.

Material of retractable awning

The material of the retractable awning will also make significant price changes. Aluminum is an all-weather fabric that costs significantly more than other materials. So if you want the high material, then it costs additional coins.

Motorized or mechanical system

The motorized or mechanical system is one of the significant parts of the retractable awning. It is an automatic system with a remote or button to roll the awnings. However, it is a convenient system that costs more than $1000 to $3000 for one retractable awning. You can also find the low-end motorized system that costs around $150. But keep in mind that it contains fabric materials that are less durable than other materials.

Installation costs of retractable awning

The installation cost of the retractable awning in Orlando Florida is around $250 to $3000, depending on your hire services. Ensure to hire a professional service for your retractable awning installation to increase its durability.

We, ArcaPro retractables, are professionals in Orlando, Florida. You can hire us for your retractable awnings and get the perfect installation according to your choice.

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